I have just finished reading your book and decided to put pen to paper straight away.

I gained a lot from it and wanted to let you know.

I have been a Policeman for 11 years, and in that time have obviously had to deal with death and grieving as part of my duties.

I am happily married with 3 lovely son’s I consider myself extremely lucky. My wife obtained a few copies of your book some time ago, you may remember, to give to people in their time of need. Your book has helped many.

As a policeman we receive no training at all on how to help those grieving for a loved one, obviously we should.

Several things in your book will change the advise I give people and I will also mention several things that I had not thought of these are:

  • The importance of saying final goodbye’s [I have often suggested people not see loved ones at the mortuary thinking I was sparing them distress, I can see I was wrong in this.]
  • The taking of a lock of hair, which can quite easily be arranged.
  • The fact that arrangements can be made to have deceased dressed in clothes of his/ her own.

My wife and I have had much to contend with, with our 3 little boys, and we certainly realize how precious life is.

Our eldest James stopped breathing on two separate occasions when a baby. After that we had him on a monitor to sleep, and our other two children have been on a monitor just in case.

Last year they all contracted whooping cough and were all hospitalized in an isolation ward, we watched our 3 month old baby like a hawk as this disease is life threatening to babies under 6 months. He came through thankfully.

This was a time in our lives that placed great strain on us but as you say in your book these things tend to bring you closer together and make the marriage stronger.

I often am amazed how some parents seem to go through life without a single HICCUP. I think perhaps they are not as lucky as some may think, as they have not the solid foundation that only difficult times can give.

I followed Jack’s progress through the book with particular interest and I was placing myself in his shoes.

I gained a lot from reading your book and want to say thank you, and I wish you and Jack and the rest of your family peace and happiness, you have earned it.


Peter Riggall
Police Residence,
Bracknell, TASMANIA.