At a time in my life and that of my family’s, when we were suffering and in turmoil over the terrible loss of our beloved daughter, Anita Cobby, we were fortunate to meet a fine group of people, ‘bereaved people’, who have all lost loved children, and have bonded under the title of Compassionate Friends.

It was at one of these meetings that a book “Shadow Of Loss” by Joan Enid Blair was handed to me.

As I flicked the pages briefly, I realised that I had to read the whole story from front cover to back.

As soon as I began the story of Joan’s loss and read every word of her narrative, I began to see a heroism that touched my heart deeply.

As the story progressed and Joan had to suffer a second tragedy, it showed how she and her family had the courage with her faith to go on with their lives.

Her story “Shadow Of Loss” helped me to lift my own shoulders and realise that life has to go on, and Joan’s courage in giving her story to us is an inspiration that should be read by everyone.

Since reading the book and meeting Joan and Jack Blair at their Kiama home, we are proud to have them as our friends.

Garry and Grace Lynch
Parents of Anita Cobby.