Shadow Of Loss

A Mother Remembers

Joan Enid Blair

About The Book

Shadow Of Loss

SHADOW OF LOSS is the true story of one Australian family’s battle with grief over the death of two of their sons in two accidents. Told through the heart of the mother, it covers the grieving process of each one in the family, with the difficulty, mistakes made through ignorance, anger and finally growth.

It also covers the subject of organ donation, the hospital system and intensive care.

Since its release, SHADOW OF LOSS has sold thousands of copies both in Australia, and many parts of the world.

This book is recommended by both professionals and the bereaved, for parents and families who have lost a loved child (young or adult) and people in all walks of life, to gain more understanding on grief from the ‘inside’ and more insight into ways to help, not hinder the natural grieving process.

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