Shadow Of Loss

A Mother Remembers

Joan Enid Blair

About The Author

Joan Blair

It is a number of years since my book SHADOW OF LOSS was published. Gaining a lot of publicity and acclaim and giving others the insight into a grieving Mother and her family. I was amazed at the response, but I realised this was a subject that people shun away from talking about a dead child, or in my case two.

Friends and family do not know what to say or do, and don’t know how to comfort or help. Learning from the inside of the situation by reading my book has been a lifesaver to the many thousands of my readers and their families. It has given them hope and a feeling of normality, and opened the eyes of those who wish to help.

Those of us who have suffered this tragedy will realise that death does not go away, there is always tragedy happening to someone else. This is a sad state of affairs, but unfortunately it is true.

Sadly our nine month old grandson died unexpectedly in 1996 from an epileptic seizure. That was heartbreaking for all the family.

My husband Jack died in 2003 from bowel cancer. In one way I feel he is looking after our loved children now. I am comforted by that thought.

I now live in an independent self care retirement village, in my home town of Kiama. I have found contentment, and enjoy spending time with my friends and family, including a new generation.

I have signed up to become an organ donor. I really believe this is a necessary thing to do. Although I am elderly now, there is a lot that can be of benefit to someone else.

My dear son’s did not die in vain, and I hold them very close to my heart until I take my last breath. Their death has contributed to the lifestyle I have led since their passing. It has given me the purpose to be of help to others in similar heartbreak.

We can all find life again if we want to. Our children would want us to live for the years they were denied. We learn to live again, but in a different way as before.


Joan Blair

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